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What is statistics

We have mentioned our statistics homework assistance, but now it’s time to clarify and answer the question «what is statistics?». Firstly, we need to say that statistics is a branch of mathematical sciences. In general, it is a discipline that is related to content collecting. Statistics aims to collect information, analyze it, visualize it, and make some decisions based on the collected information. The core goal of statistics is to analyze the content accurately and properly to make a subsequent decision correctly. 

The purposes of statistics lie in collecting researched information, its analyzing, and investigating. Then, you need to summarize it and evaluate it, make conclusions, and give some kind of assessment. The main point of the statistics is to make a prediction based on some uncertainties or variations. So, statistics is extremely important in numerous fields and sciences. 

To resolve the task properly, students need to follow some core steps and goals of your work. It also depends on the type of statistics, so you need to comply with some peculiarities and requirements of a certain type. Thus, you also need to pay attention to your instructions to succeed. But speaking in general, the core point is to collect relevant information and check its validity. Then, students need to analyze that content and make some kind of sequence and connection between the information to find out the correlation of the collected information. Next, you need to evaluate your results, visualize them and present them in the form of statistics. 

Let’s get some more details about statistics

So, we have explained to you what the statistics is. But here, we can go further in the topic and unleash some specificity of such an assignment, thus, let’s get some more details about statistics. Speaking of statistics, we can say that it is widely used in almost all fields of science and in each sphere of life. We found statistics working with mathematical tasks, physics, business, history, politics, and so on. 

Statistics is used to give an assessment of some actions that happened before to make predictions and calculate the probabilities for the future. This is the main purpose of the statistics. Scientists try to clarify some issues using statistics and make predictions based on some variations or uncertainties. It helps to study some complex subjects such as populations, groups of objects, animals, people, and so on. In most cases, it is not convenient to study the entire population or group of investigated objects, so it is much better to apply statistics that is intended to show the characteristics of a smaller group with similar features. Hence, scientists can make a correlation and make some predictions, or assumptions, or give some possible variations about the larger group. The statistics is also useful to reflect some tendencies and linear actions. Sometimes, people use statistics to study past actions, so they give some tendencies and changes during a certain period of time or depending on some factors. 

All in all, you can see, that statistics is pretty peculiar and it has some specific purposes that are essential to achieve success. 

What are the two major branches of statistics?

Well, we have unleashed the topic of statistics in detail and shown you the main points of the statistics. In general, each statistics homework has the same goals and formats, however, it is important to bear in mind the peculiarities of your type of statistics. So, here, we can speak about the types of statistics and answer the question «What are the two major branches of statistics?». 

Descriptive statistics

The first type is descriptive statistics. This statistics is a comprehensive description of the subject that can be formulated in various ways depending on the main points of statistics. Speaking of the purpose of this task, we can say that it is intended to give like a general idea of the studied subject or sample to make some predictions based on such a description. The forms of descriptive statistics are central tendency measures, distribution of sample data, or variability. In general, it is the first part of a statistics analysis and is used to present the studied information focused on the factors we have mentioned before. 

You may think it is not a challenging task to complete this statistics, however, there are some difficulties that are related to the information collection and its constructive analysis and description. Here, it is so important to focus on your subject and filter the information properly being unbiased. Then, you need to choose the main purpose of statistics accurately and provide readers with a proper description in the form of central tendency measures, distribution of a sample data, or variability. 

Types of descriptive statistics

Completing your homework assignment, you should comply with your instructions to achieve success as there are different types of descriptive statistics

  • Central tendency measures. A central tendency aims to analyze and study the main, central characteristics of the investigated sample data, population, and so on. Such characteristics are related to mean, median, and mode. The mean is an average of numbers, products, or objects that consist of an arithmetic mean and geometric mean methods. The median is a middle value of the collected data in ascending or descending order. And the mode is the most frequent value that occurs in the sample or population, etc. 
  • Distribution of a sample data. This form of statistics aims to visualize and distribute the data in a certain shape on the chart. You can a histogram, dot plot, and so on. The distribution of a sample data consists of such measures as function, skewness, and kurtosis. So, the point is to arrange the results on the chart in the proper way using the above-mentioned properties. 
  • Variability. The variability is intended to show the differences between the studied subjects. There are also three main points as well that unleash some different characteristics – range, variance, and standard deviation. The range is a difference between the lower and the highest values of the sample data. The variance shows an average degree that measures how each point differs from the mean. And the standard deviation reveals the spread of the values in comparison to the mean. 

Inferential statistics

Well, the second branch of statistics is inferential statistics. Statistics homework helper says that the purpose of the task is to make some assumptions and predictions based on the subject and its description. You can see that the name of the assignment unleashes its main points – to make some conclusions about the analysis and evaluate its significance. It is the second part of the statistical analysis. To make inferential statistics, you need to complete the descriptive one before and create an inferential one based on its results. Speaking of this assignment, it is intended to make predictions about an entire population, a large group based on the investigation of a smaller group with similar features. So, scientists can study a small group of people, their mentality, and their behavior to make assumptions about the bigger population. They can use the collected data from the descriptive statistics and its measures, including central tendency, variability, and distribution of a sample data, to create a correct correlation and prediction for a larger or entire population. 

Types of inferential statistics

This branch of statistics is divided by types as well. There are such types of inferential statistics as regression analysis, analysis of variance (ANOVA), analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), and statistical significance (t-test). 

  • Regression analysis. It can be used to analyze the correlations between some variables. In general, it shows how the dependent variable connects to the independent one and how the knowledge about the independent variable helps to make predictions about the dependent. 
  • Analysis of variance. It is used to compare multiple means to find some correlations and similarities. It also helps to comprehend how studied means differ and which factors cause such differences. 
  • Analysis of covariance. It is a combination of a regression analysis and ANOVA that lies into investigating the differences between dependent variables means. 
  • Statistics significance. It is similar to ANOVA, but ANOVA studies multiple means concurrently, whereas the t-test can be used to study the differences between 2 means at the same time. This statistics aims to comprehend the importance of such differences as well. 

Difference between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics

As we have discussed what the descriptive and inferential statistics are, we make some conclusions. Here, we can explain the difference between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics

First and foremost, we can say that these statistics are related to each other. Thus, the descriptive is a primary analysis and inferential comes afterward. 

Secondly, descriptive and inferential statistics use different research methods and and focused on different results. The descriptive one aims to figure out the collected data by calculating its central tendency, variability, or distribution of a sample data, whereas the inferential one seeks to make predictions and find correlations between multiple groups. 

All in all, these two branches of statistics are related and both important. If you need to deal with such assignments, turn to us and ask for statistics homework help to be sure of the best solutions. 

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